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CWWOE stands for: Cryptid Wiki's Way Of Edits. Please edit properly using this guide to editing.

Pages in General[]

To make a page in general, please make the subject of your article the first time it appears in Bold and Italic text. For exapmle, this:


NOTICE: This is only an EXAMPLE.

Then, continue editing the page.

Making a page about a Cryptid[]

To make a page about a Cryptid, start out by saying the Cryptid's name you are writing about, in Bold and Italic text for example, this:


NOTICE: This is only an EXAMPLE.

Then, write the information ABOUT the Cryptid you are writing about.

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Cryptids with green text are authentic. Cryptids with yellow text are presumed authentic. Cryptids with blue text have an unknown authenticity status. Cryptids with orange text are assumed hoaxes. Cryptids with red text are hoaxes. Cryptids with purple text are found in religion. Cryptids with italic text have been featured articles.

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