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Kasai Rex

Faked Photo #104

Faked Photo #2 KasaiRex1

Rex of kasai

Faked Photos and illustration of the Kasai Rex.

Cryptid Information
Year First Seen 1932
Biological Class Reptile
Authenticity Status Hoax
Location Kasai Valley, Democratic Republic of the Congo

The Kasai Rex was a hoaxed cryptid rumored to inhabit areas in the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the Kasai valley.


Johnson Sighting

The initial report of the Kasai Rex was in 1932 from a swedish plantation owner, John Johnson, and his servent whilst they were in Africa. While there, they were both observing rhinocerous while trying to remain undertected when the Kasai Rex supposedly rushed out from the nearby undergrowth and began attacking the rhinocerous in the area. The servant ran away and Johnson fainted.

When the latter came to, he found the creature eating the late rhinocerous. A photo was taken and, later, the photo was proven to be a fake.


The Kasai Rex was described by John Johnson as a 14-meter long, red animal with black stripes and thick leg muscles.

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