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Monster of Monterey

Photo of the corpse and the living animal.

Cryptid Information
Year First Seen 1925
Biological Class Reptilian
Authenticity Status Authentic
Location Monterey Bay, California

Although it is believed to have gone extinct over 60 million years ago, some believe the plesiosaur — a massive prehistoric marine reptile still lives today, lurking far beneath the surface of the world's deepest oceans. In 1925, the rotting carcass of the so-called Monster of Monterey, believed by many to be a plesiosaur Globster, washed up on the shores of Moore's Beach in Monterey Bay, California.

Description of Globster

Its neck is said to have been almost 20 feet long. While some biologists maintain that the remains were thoseof a basking shark, the evidence was inconclusive.

New Nessie Similarities

Similar remains were snared by a Japanese fishing boat in 1977 in the waters off the coast of New Zealand. However, the crew dumped the foul smelling carcass overboard before scientific tests could be conducted.

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