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Owl Man
Illustration of the Owl Man.
Cryptid Information
AKA Death Raptor
Year First Seen 1976
Biological Class Avian
Authenticity Status Real
Location Cornwall, England

The Owlman of Mawnan (or "Death Raptor") was first reported in the rural village in Cornwall, England in 1976. The creature was described by two young girls as a giant, human-sized owl. Over the next 30 years, more reports of the demonic beast were recorded. The sightings caused a collective madness in the community. Owlman is described as

Death raptor

half-man/half-owl, 4-5 feet tall with gray feathers and large clawed feet.  

It's said that the Owlman makes loud screeching and hissing sounds. The Owlman of Mawnan is often compared with West Virginia's Mothman in cryptozoology because eyewitness accounts dictate similar qualities. They're both described as winged, birdlike humanoids about 4-7 feet tall with a wingspan of about 10 feet. According to cryptozoologists, they both have large, red, glowing eyes and live in wooded areas near rural towns.

Connections with Mothman

Owlman and Mothman are also both associated with paranormal and UFO activity. During the mid-1970s the area surrounding Mawnan Smith on the southern coast of Cornwall had been the site of UFO sightings, as well as reports of local domestic and wild animals acting strangely (reports of dog attacks had trebled and there were claims of people being held 'hostage' by feral cats). Then, at the beginning of 1976, the first reports of 'Owlman' started.

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