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The Great Raven Drawing 1

Draving of the great raven made by witness

The Great Raven is the name for a large group of mythological ravens (valravn, kurkil', kutkh, etc.) that are well known in the eurasian and american north. The great raven always plays very important role in legends of northern folks, serves as mediator between sky and earth, life and death, while common raven is just a trickster. Moreover, some people, especially from Russian Far East, claim that they saw this birds. Great raven is discribed as an unusually big raven with red beak (sometimes bright-red, sometimes brown-red). All encounters took place near the coastline, also some of these birds were seen in flocks of seagulls, even fishing with them.


The Great Raven Drawing 2

Another draving of the great raven made by witness

The Great Raven Photo 1

Possible photo of the great raven with three seagulls in the mist. Taken at summer, 2016, in Magadan, Russia

[[file:The Great Raven Photo 2.jpg|thumb|right|The same photo, cropped and enhanced]]